A New Jersey native, college graduate, and socialite, Blayze Carter O’Brien loves that most simple yet complex of dishes, pizza. He has made pilgrimages to most of New York’s major pizzerias and he ultimately ended up working in the dough, sauce, and cheese trade three years ago. Eventually finding his way to Emily and Matt after working at Pizza Moto, Blayze has been with the Hylands (and their cat Joy) since opening the restaurant. For now, Blayze holds court over the most critical item of Emily, (according to him at least) the pizza dough, and enjoys spending time in his favorite dwelling spot within the restaurant, the basement (or Blayzement), which he shares with Ibou. He hopes to one day manage an outpost of Emily in Texas, write a wacky book of memoirs, and maybe become a late night talk show host. He’s living the dream.